CH Castlekeep Paloma Chiffon

Ch Castlekeep Jackie

AKC & USA Ch. Cinderlace Bramble of Jayba Eng Ch Keyingham Branwell Maibee Montrose
Keyingham Fidgeon
Cinderlace My Fair Lady Miletree Esperanto
Cinderlace Margaret Rose
AKC Ch. Charterwood Damask Clockpelters Roll-On-Bye Charterwood Alberica Rock-a-Bye Basie for Darozel
Clockpelters Cornelia
Charterwood Delight For Bevelmount Eng Ch. Royal Influence Of Charterwood
Charterwood Dolly Daydream

CH Castlekeep Jackie           

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flower clip art
Ch Castlekeep Paloma Chiffon Cavalier

Marlene Anderson
Castlekeep Cavaliers
Glendale, AZ
(9am - 11pm MOUNTAIN TIME)
Dawn C. Campbell
Paloma Cavaliers
Flagstaff, Arizona
(2.5 hours N. of Phoenix)

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