CH Charterwood Damask

Ch Charterwood Damask Dovie Champion Cavalier
flower clip art

Ch Charterwood Damask Champion Cavalier

Ch Charterwood Damask Dovie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Clockpelters Roll-On-Bye Charterwood Alberica Rock-a-Bye Basie for Darozel Kindrum Roscius
Darozel Minuette
 Clockpelters Cornelia Darozel Aracanthus
Darozel Georgia at Clockpelters
Charterwood Delight For Bevelmount Eng Ch. Royal Influence Of Charterwood Eng Ch. Toraylac Joshua
Bevelmount Annabelle of Charterwood
Charterwood Dolly Daydream Charterwood Ragamuffin
Charterwood Locket

flower clip art
Some of Dovie's Outstanding Offspring

Ch Castlekeep Paloma Chiffon
Ch Castlekeep Paloma Chiffon Cavalier

Ch Castlekeep Buford
CH Castlekeep Buford Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

CH Castlekeep Red White N Baloo
Ch Castlekeep Red White N Baloo Cavalier
Ch Castlekeep Barn Stormer x Ch Charterwood Damask
Ch Castlekeep Dare Devil
Castlekeep Dare Devil Cavalier
Ch Castlekeep Barn Stormer x Ch Charterwood Damask

Marlene Anderson
Castlekeep Cavaliers
Glendale, AZ
(9am - 11pm MOUNTAIN TIME)
Dawn C. Campbell
Paloma Cavaliers
Flagstaff, Arizona
(2.5 hours N. of Phoenix)

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