I was born into the world of dogs 70 years ago, having a mother and grandmother who both owned  show kennels. I bred my first litter of Boston Terriers at age 11 and grew up wanting to have a kennel of my own: My mother and grandmother loved St Bernards, so I carried on with the giants, seriously breeding/finishing many champions with my husband, a licensed AKC handler, for about 30 years. My youngest daughter, Destre, and I also bred some top winning Bichons.  I became interested in Cavaliers in the 70's but did not own any of the darling toys until Destre was a teenager. I worked for an airline and we traveled frequently to Cavalier shows in USA and Canada. My daughter's interest in Cavaliers was always overshadowed by her passion for Bichons, so Cavaliers became my breed when I could no longer handle giant dogs.

Cavaliers are now my life. My husband and I cannot say enough good about them. The breed is the most precious we have ever owned. Our dogs give us much pleasure and joy daily. CASTLEKEEP CAVALIERS may be seen at most  shows in and around Atlanta, although our dogs travel to other states as well. Today, I use handlers to show my dogs, but once in awhile I go into the ring and hobble round with a puppy Cavalier, just to have fun. I get a kick out of finishing champions.

My heartfelt thanks to my best friend, Julie Howard, a professional handler-dog trainer extraordinaire, for being my partner in breeding many AKC champions of record. I have known Julie since she was a kid.  Julie bought her first Saint Bernard from me, doing exactly what I told her to do, finishing her "Peer"  in the stiffest competition. Julie and I went on to breed and finish quality dogs together.  Julie and I co-bred and finished dozens of champions in partnership:  St. Bernards, Bichon Frise and Cavaliers. I could not have had much of my success during this time without her. 

Together with my husband and daughters, Destre and Dawn, and friends, Julie Howard and Cindy Deloache, we have finished over 200 AKC champions of records, mostly homebreds.

Heartfelt thanks to Cindy Deloache, a lovely lady who came to my aid before she ever knew me, helping me in more ways than one. Cindy and I now own champions together. I am forever grateful to her for being my friend.

Last but not least, my deepest appreciation to my wonderful, talented breeder friends in England who have been kind and helpful to me, sending me some of their most magnificent Cavaliers. Charterwood, Moonvale, Clockpelters, Toraylac. These lovely ladies are forever in my thoughts, each time I look at my beautiful dogs.







CH Padre (one of many St Bernard Champions of Beau Cheval)


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